How to stay positive in the uncertainty of Covid -19?

The one undeniable lesson taught by Covid -19 is uncertainty. It has impacted everyone. Right now, the world is more or less on the same shoe. Covid-19 has changed the world within a matter of short time. It not only changed the behavior but also brought uncertainty that seems like a never-ending horizon. Things do not seem uncertain it is uncertain, to the extent that now going back is not an option anymore.

People who have adopted home office, going back and working from office now most likely to be an unfavorable option. People renting Air B&B now must find another source of income. The way people used to see travel has changed more than ever. So, this uncertainty has brought many realizations along with it many concerns.

six tips to stay positive amid covid uncertainity

Uncertainty, anxiety, panic, and depression the majority population are dealing with right now. Some are desperately waiting for these seemingly endless hours to pass away ASAP and return to normal. However, returning is uncertain. Are we going to return to the old normal or make the new normal? This question and its consequences stress everyone. During this kind of uncertainty, how can we stay positive? Does staying positive will help to deal with the covid crisis and reach the other side?

Why staying positive is essential?

Because the antidote to negativity is positivity. Negative emotions and thoughts add stress, anxiety leading to negative action. Negative emotion remains a much longer time than positive emotion. Recovering from negative emotional thought patterns is hard, therefore staying positive is more important to avoid long-term emotional and health crises.

According to the Alison Lidgerwood social psychologist, once we think about something as a loss, that way of thinking about it tends to stick in our head and resist our attempts to change it. Our view of the world has a fundamental tendency to tilt toward the negative. It is easy to go from good to bad but far harder to shift from bad to good. We have to work harder to see the upside of things. It shows the necessity to hold onto positivity.

 It looks impossible task, especially when presented with more death numbers, crashing down economy, protests, and climate disaster at the same time. Therefore how on earth during this time can we look forward to the positive? Yes, it is hard, but also it is a must. The great news is positivity or staying positive is a practice. The more you practice more you become good at it.

Although you cannot avoid or unseen negative impacts, neither have control over the damages already done. Holding on to the loss and grief for a long time does not make the situation any better by itself. Acknowledging all the effects and the loss yet we must seek some positive in it. How will you do it? What will help you to seek positive meaning, to move forward?

Just by including some habits in your daily routine, you can practice positivity. How to be consistent?

SIX Tips to stay positive during the uncertainty of Covid-19.

Search For Deeper Meaning

Taking into account that damage has been made and nothing you can change in the past, now, you must start to search for deeper meaning out of things that happened. Plus and minus in numbers, high and lows in the graph are the surface, but there is always a meaning you can find or even make out one for yourself. You must go deeper into it. What happened? Why did it happen? What did it change for you? Find out those answers and find out where those answers lead you. You have to focus on that deeper meaning within yourself, that ray of light within you, and let that light be the positive source to guide you during this crucial time.

Look at the Bigger Picture

We, humans, tend to think that the world revolves around us. Everything is happening to us and for us. This is how you think generally, as you like to believe that somehow you are special. In reality, that is not the case. You are just one tiny piece of a giant living population. Nothing is happening for you neither is only happening to you. Therefore, if you stop thinking as only one rather than start looking at the bigger picture, you will feel a lot better. After you will realize that you are just another person going through the same situation other people are going through. It applies more correctly in the context of covid -19. If you are uncertain in the bigger picture, you realize that this uncertainty equally applies to everyone. Also, looking at the bigger picture helps you to acknowledge the real problem. After you see through the lens of others, your difficulties will look small in themselves. You will be more open to helping others. You will be more open to let the emotion pass away rather than holding on.


Physical exercise is essential for your body, as well as an integral part of your healthy mind. Exercise is an easy but effective way to bring positivity. The benefits of exercise are well known to everyone, therefore in this stressful situation where our mind is under stress most of the time and with no physical activities like before it is more important than ever. Just exercising for some time lets our minds have some space from constant chattering and negativity. A healthy mind leads us to healthy thoughts. Once you exercise, you feel good about yourself. That is a positive start to your day. A positive start helps to anchor your day positively.

Accept The Change

Humans at first resist the change. Change makes you uncomfortable so, you try to resist. It is not about the survival of the fittest but who adapts to the environment. If you around the business that adopted to go online are thriving while the one who could not are vanishing. Even this virus is trying to mutate and adapt, so our body. It is a battle going on within us. The faster we accept the change and move ahead, the more likely we will cross the bridge of uncertainty sooner. Accepting change will help to make peace within yourself. The sooner you are in peace and agreement within the more you can stay positive.

Reflect Compassion.

Compassion is one of the human emotions that makes us more different than other animals. Try to reflect on your compassion. Bring out your compassionate side more during this time. If you are full of compassion, you are more likely to help others. Who does not like the feeling of helping others? There is always this gentle satisfaction and contentment filling the heart whenever you help or think for someone other than yourself. Thus, trying to be more compassionate during this time means more you will feel positive about yourself. 


Humor is an asset. Mother Teresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.” A Smile, a good laugh can turn the day from bad to good. A person looks at you and smiles, suddenly, unconsciously, and a smile glows on your face too. Our brains work that way. This is the reason why you should try to take things with a bit of humor. Not always you have to be serious, not always taking things seriously will bring a good result. Not always bad decisions bring your the worst consequences. Hence if you took things lightly and even try bringing some humor when a thing goes wrong it tricks your brain that after all, it is not that bad. 

However, there are many more different ways and options, talking with friends and family, meditating, listening to music, trying to learn something new in your spare time, and many more. You can go any route you like. The only way is to keep going and keep focusing on those parts that will help you to unstuck rather than be stuck. Therefore do what it takes to bring that positive attitude and helps you to look forward to the future. It is important for everyone right now to look forward rather than backward. Because scientists also suggest things are not going to be normal but we will be leaning toward the new normal.

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