Wake Up Early, Why And How?


If you are searching on this topic that might mean you are willing to wake up early but finding it hard. You are trying to look for tips and tricks to apply so that you can build the habit of waking up early and be able to reap its benefits. In this day and age waking up early is a struggle to everyone unless someone has made it a habit with years of consistent practice and discipline. Waking up early is very intimidating from school-going children to working parents. Therefore, it is not an easy task that you are going to accomplish in a day, you have to be patient and build momentum until you make it your subconscious habit. Now that you know it is all about consistent effort, before discovering how to find your reason for why is important.

Why wake up early?

Unless you have your reason to wake up early, it is far likely that you will be able to make it a habit. Imagine when you had to travel, you woke up early, prepared yourself, and you were excited even if you never wake up early on other days? Why? Because you had the reason, first you had a ticket you invested in, second, you were traveling and third, you were looking forward to having new experiences. This explains if there is a strong reason to wake up, you will wake up.

Henceforth, find your reason, it could be running one mile before work to lose extra pounds, it could be anything that is compelling to you. However, waking up early has so many benefits attached to it which in itself gives us many reasons to wake up early. Waking up early is the evolution driven activity to human benefits.

Health Benefits.

Many studies have found that sleeping on time and waking up early impacts your overall mental and physical health. People who wake up early are found to be happier, organized, and agreeable in life. Waking up early is a package that comes with going to sleep on time giving you enough sleep, which helps to lower the risk of anxiety, high blood pressure, and heart disease. So, waking up early is a healthier way of living.

Academic Benefit.

Many studies conducted on students found that students who wake up early achieve better grades and get paid higher. This of course has to do with the reading time they allocate in the morning. So if you are a student waking up early to read should definitely excite you.

Leverage over time.

In this age where everyone is competing to be more efficient and get out the most from the limited time, waking up early gives you that possibility. The world is moving faster and intense every day. Such intense pressure with distraction available 24/7 people are finding it difficult to manage their time. You cannot get 25 hours in a day but you can start your day a little earlier to get more things done. Yes, waking up early, you can leverage the time in work, relationship, and to yourself.

Helps you to be focused and productive.

Waking up early is the fresh start of the day. While the sun is rising, silence and pollution-free environment help you to focus more on your task.  You can be more productive while you are focused. If you are being productive you can finish the same work within less time that would take hours otherwise. Often it is found that morning people are problem solver, now you know the answer why?

Sense of accomplishment.

Have you noticed, laziness, after you wake up in the middle of the day or past 10, am. Then all you do is rush the whole day. On the other hand, waking up early, witnessing the light slowly go prominent, silence streets slowly filling up, watching other people start their day after you, gives you the sense of accomplishment that you are already winning the day. This primes your whole day ahead and keeps you motivated.

Gives you clarity and space.

All-day long either you are engaged or distracted. You get engaged in your work where you put all your focus and energy. During little spare times time you are distracted with emails, social media, and notifications or by the busy and chaotic surroundings. At night your mind, the body is exhausted craving to get rest yet you keep watching Netflix or videos till midnight. Do you think, you are still able to think clearly when you go to bed?

This is the reason why waking up early gives you more clarity and space.  You wake up fully reset, you are in an optimal state, there is no chaos outside to distract your attention,  this gives you the opportunity to be more engaged with yourself, know yourself and get more clarity in anything you do.

As you are hyped with the benefits of being an early riser, now you are asking yourself, How to wake up early? There are different approaches and it also depends on person to person. So, be more creative and do not hesitate to try & find a different answer to your How? Yet, there are some practical approaches that are helpful for building a habit of waking up early.

Five Ways (Tips) To Help, Wake Up Early.

Find Your Recovery Period.

People have different needs and that is the same as the rest time. Some people can fully recover in 5 hours and some need 8 hours. So, your first step is to find your recovery time period. If you just push yourself every day to wake up without knowing how much rest you need that will result in more health hazards than being optimal.  Test every day with different sleep hours. You will obviously feel the difference, once you find the sweet spot for yourself then stick with that. Take advantage of the smartwatch.

Sleep Early.

The second step that you should take before waking up early is sleeping early. This might seem primitive and sound like missing out on all information you consume before sleeping but do not worry, sleeping early does not mean any of those. If your recovery period is 7 hours, as most of the 18-60 age range is, then to wake up at 5:30 am your bedtime should be 10:30 pm. But as I told earlier also it might be different from your body might be just 6 hours so, you still have your time not to miss important things.

Distance Your Alarm and Mobile.

Who does not need an alarm to wake up? However now people snooze the alarm more than what it actually was meant to do. Alarm near the bed beep and you just without even opening your eyes, either snooze it or turn it off, the same goes with the mobile phone alarm.  So, what is the point of alarm? Keep your mobile phone and alarm at some steps distant than to your bed. It does two things, first keeping mobile at distant before you sleep lowers the temptation of scrolling through mobile while trying to sleep. Secondly, when you wake up with the noise of alarm then you have to walk to make it off. This lowers the chances of you sleeping again.

No Coffee Please.

Everyone knows the popularity of coffee is for your body to wake up, not to make it asleep. So intake of coffee or any caffeine before sleeping or even prior to 6 hours of bed will cause you in sleeplessness and not a good quality of sleep.

Remind the Reason.

As mentioned above the reason behind you waking up is your push button. Nothing can push you unless there is something within you pushing yourself. As much as the reason, to keep reminding yourself is important as well. Every day remind yourself of going to sleep why you will wake up early tomorrow. The reasons might change over the course of time but it has a tremendous effect. This will not only help you to wake up early but to acknowledge your goals.

These practical steps will help you to win the morning and achieve the most out of your day. Always remember the consistent effort and building momentum is what you need rather than going hard on yourself. You are powerful enough to find your way to being the best version of yourself.


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