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The main objective of this website is to build a meaningful connection by sharing my thoughts, perspective, and ideas on different topics. Another goal is to help you in overcoming your emotional challenges through my articles or a direct interaction via an exchange of email. 

You may ask, are not there many other social platforms to share ideas and build connections? Yes, there are and they are great. However, in my view, other social media platforms are more of showcasing your lifestyle rather than building a meaningful and emotional connection with people.

On this website, you can read my blog posts and leave a comment on what you think of them. Moreover what I look forward to is building a connection with readers.

How we build that connection? Well, I am not a professional consultant, I am just a person who likes to understand another human being and their situation more closely and deeply.  Facing tough times in life is more frequent.  Yet, times more painful part is not having someone with whom you can share your emotions.

We all have our fears and insecurities. What if they start to judge me if I tell them? Will I look stupid? Is it right to stress them because I am stressed? Such thoughts hold us back to share how we feel, even with our closed ones.

Have you ever wonder, why you share your feelings with an unknown stranger at a bar?  It is easy to let your guard down to someone who will not judge you. And even if they do that does not matter to you because he is just a stranger. I want to be that stranger in your life a distant person who will not judge you for what you have to say. A stranger with whom you can connect emotionally. There will be no discourse of your email id or personal details to anyone.

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