Keep Going

When we start we get good vibes, full energy and motivation. With the continuation there comes highs and lows. Some days we feel at the top of the world, we think we are doing our best. And some days we feel the worst of the world, we think we are just a failure. This conversation of failing and failure push us to the deep darkness where we do not even try to get up. We surrender to the fear of failure. At this phase, nothing helps. No motivation from outside, no suggestion or tactics because here you are not fighting the other but fighting yourself, therefore, you have to kill the demons by yourself. The only way to do is still keep going on and giving your best effort possible. In the race, everyone runs to be the first but the ones who keep running even after falling down and still gives his best shot even in odds of his winning, then he cross the finish line. When he looks back he has no regrets even in losing the race because he is the one who has won the heart of the crowd, he is the one who made the crowd stand on their feet to cheer him and made the stadium shout at same voice for his courage. That is what you get if you keep going on and that is all that matters.

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