Life Is Sad.

We all would like to live in happiness. We would love to have everything we desire but guess what? Life is sad, yes it is. Life is not like the story you heard in your childhood neither like that you imagined when you were a kid. Life is cold and brutal. Some people prefer to handover their life in the name of fate and some prefer to say this is life, both means you are letting sadness rule your life. In all sense, everybody knows life is sad, why? Because life hits you badly at every stage. Life tests you at every turn. Life shows you the real ugly face. Yet, life is worth living, to enjoy small happiness. Life is worth trying to get all that you desired. Life is a great teacher if you are willing to learn. Life is worth fighting for what you love. Life is worth even if there is pain. Therefore let us not be sad to live a sad life but be the badass at life so that you are ready to crush it before it crushes you.

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